“It’s our mission to keep moms’ stylish and comfortable”

Our Story

Welcome to Bumpy Maternity Wear, Kenya.

Bumpy Maternity Wear is an online maternity shop with a physical store in Nairobi Kenya. Our venture into maternity wear was inspired by a desire to provide variety, style and convenience to moms in their proudest moment. We believe mothers are beautiful regardless of their size and it our job get them something that matches their style.

Our Founder 

Bumpy Maternity Wear was started by Florence Kinya Mung’atia in Nairobi. Florence Kinya is now the head fashion designer and holds a B.A in International Relations from USIU.Her passion for fashion  and love for moms made her specialize in maternity wear.

Our Business Model

 We both have an online store and a physical store. We do free deliveries in Nairobi and make arrangements for deliveries in all other parts of the country. Custom make outfits takes 3 working days to get ready and deliveries outside Nairobi takes a maximum of 5 working days. 
Florence Kinya Mung'atia, Founder and Head Fashion Designer Bumpy Maternity Wear

“I would dislike how pregnant women dress during the nine months.Only to realize at times they had no option,but end up putting very short or baggy clothes”.- Florence Kinya, Founder Bumpy Maternity Wear, Kenya 

Our Products

We make custom made outfits that are affordable,comfy and stylish. We got range of official dresses and tops.

  • Official dresses
  • official tops
  • Jeggings.
  • Nursing bras. 
  • Nursing pillows.
  • Baby Bags

Let us get you the best from the comfort of your home!!

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