Our Story

This is our story(make yours too).”In the streets of Nairobi i would see pregnant  women wearing baggy clothes that made them look very tired” Later i found out they had no option.Since childhood i had a burning desire to become a fashion designer but down the line i followed a different career path.Years passed until my sister in law was pregnant.She requested i sketch her a few dresses and to my surprise i executed the designs perfectly well! It all begun here from sourcing the right fabric,designs that will fit a typical curvy woman to the right sizing.Two years later we came up with an An Africanized size chart.

Bumpy maternity Wear is a an ethically fashion brand that designs and manufactures maternity wear in Kenya.Our target customers are working moms of ages 25 to 45 years who want to look stylish and comfortable during the pregnancy journey.Made with love for moms.

                                                             ETHICAL FASHION

Yes it matters to us from the sourcing of fabrics,to designs and how it affects our environment.We use organic fabrics like cotton,linen,Kitenge and polyester.Cotton is the best fabric because it stretches giving room for expansion.Absorbs sweat and skin friendly.We are a slow brand that focuses on creating garments of high quality that can be worn pre and post pregnancy serving for a longer time.Our aim is to come up with pieces that are well designed for fashion cautious moms.We make simple but elegant clothes that are fashionable.Buying few pieces that serve you for a longer time.For instance we have a two in one maternity dress that can be worn during pregnancy and after for breastfeeding.

    Who makes our clothes

We work with passionate female tailors who help in production of our garments.We believe in fair wages and conducive working environment.They are able to educate their children and support their families.

Environmental concerns

We want a cleaner environment and all the cut offs from fabrics are used to make carrier bags.Every purchase over USD 50 we give a free carrier bag.We use the cut offs from fabrics to make nursing and pregnancy pillows.We will pass this to other generations as we run our business.

Our Business Model

 We both have an online store visit www.bumpymaternitywear.co.ke and a physical store. We do free deliveries in Nairobi and make arrangements for deliveries in all other parts of the country. Custom make outfits takes 3 working days to get ready and deliveries outside Nairobi takes a maximum of 5 working days. Off shelf items range from size 8 to 20.Mothers are beautiful regardless of their size.
Florence Kinya Mung'atia, Founder and Head Fashion Designer Bumpy Maternity Wear

“I would dislike how pregnant women dress during the nine months.Only to realize at times they had no option,but end up putting very short or baggy clothes”.- Florence Kinya, Founder Bumpy Maternity Wear, Kenya 

Our Products

our product range.

  • Maternity trousers official,jeans,khaki and linen.
  • Maternity dresses official midi and maxi dresses
  • African Wear kitenge dresses.
  • Jeggings.
  • Nursing bras. 
  • Nursing pillows.
  • Baby Bags
  • Baby start up kit has a baby working station,nursing pillow,nursing shawl and baby burp cloth.

Let us get you the best from the comfort of your home or office!

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